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R/C Model Boat Club

The St. Louis Admirals R/C Model Boat Club is a group of hobbyists dedicated to sharing the knowledge and fun of the R/C model boat hobby. The depth and breadth of experience the club offers, combined with its laid-back atmosphere, attracts the beginner modeler and master builder alike.


From the Bridge

by retiring-Commodore Jim

The year 2014 has again been a good year for the St Louis Admirals.  We have been able to sail our boats in the warmer weather at St Ferdinand Park, mostly during the afternoons on the first Mondays of each month.  This year, November was even nice enough to sneak in a last sailing event.

Our Annual Regatta (our 26th!) was again held at the Boat House in Forest Park at the end of September, and we had one sailing session in at the Boat House earlier in the year.  While not as big as some of the previous Regatta events, it nonetheless was most enjoyable and continues to be a great location for us.  Many visitors viewed our boats and watched them ply the waters.

The current membership status has held fairly constant, and we recently got several new members.  Those of us who are building new boats or have modified older ones provide both members and viewers with interesting adventures out on the water.  It is a great hobby that can be whatever the modeler wishes – relaxing for some, and exciting for those running fast or submerging their submarine.  The emphasis is FUN!!!

I am pleased to announce that a new Commodore will be in place starting in 2015.  She is the same person who has been turning out our excellent monthly newsletter, the Broadside. Jane Rivers will be taking over the helm effective January 1.  I’m certain that you will be hearing from her early next year.  As Commodore for nearly nine years, I can say that I have enjoyed the many good times with the Boat Club, and I wish Jane all the best for the future.

And as the holiday season approaches, I wish everyone Happy Holidays and smooth sailing.

Commodore Jim