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The St. Louis Admirals R/C Model Boat Club is a group of hobbyists dedicated to sharing the knowledge and fun of the R/C model boat hobby. The depth and breadth of experience the club offers, combined with its laid-back atmosphere, attracts the beginner modeler and master builder alike.


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From the Bridge

by Commodore Jim

Think about the word “plot.”  Some of you may think about that in the context of a book – what the story is about and where it’s going.  Some of you may think about it with some more sinister connotations – like a nasty scheme when someone plots against another.  It’s something like a plan.

In US Navy terms, the “plot” is a tool that tells were a ship has been, making port and starboard turns, and most generally with a planned course, for an idea of where the ship has been and where it intends to go.  The plot is studied by the captain, the XO, and the navigator.  The plot is kept up to date by sailors who are quartermasters, and along with the navigator, are responsible for keeping this written and drawn record up to date.  In the past, it was usually a sheet of paper, showing the details of the ship’s movements.  Today the plot may be electronically and computer generated, using all of the modern day navigational devices and systems available.

We have just untaken the review of our Club’s plot, to look at our history, our current status, and where we can or should go.  I asked some of our members to do this, especially involving our Club’s ability and prospects of continuing.

It’s no secret that our membership is aging and thinning. Today there are fewer people who want to build model boats, and we all have many more distractions that seem to take more and more of our hobby available time.  Our Club size is now roughly about three dozen members, and we’re all getting older, having more health issues, and sometimes just plain lacking energy.  The group’s analysis showed this to be true, but also has given us some insights about how to continue as a Club.

First, with fewer members and therefore a smaller income from membership, we will need to more carefully watch our finances.  More things will more closely match our income and expenses.  We will focus more on our normal sailing opportunities, and probably do less public and outside events.  We are going to try to have more interesting meetings, with greater emphasis on model or prototype boating and less time spent on Club administration.  We are going to have to downsize some things, and replace those with more time for socializing.
But the good news is we have a sufficient treasury to afford insurance and keep sailing model boats, but mostly in our traditional and fun locations, like St. Ferdinand Park and the Boat House.  We will probably plan for a smaller scale Regatta.  We just don’t have the financial nor manpower resources to do otherwise.  But we will to have FUN.

So you have now seen the plot for our Club.  I am planning to chart our course accordingly and keep sailing.  Happy boating!!!

Commodore Jim