R/C Model Boat Club



2019 Regatta Winners

 Top Winners

Captains Choice - Phil Frisch

Phil Frisch Captains' Choice

Al Luensmann Best of Show
Al Luensmann - Best of Show
Phil Frisch - 2nd Place
Phil Frisch - 2nd Place

Sunoco - Al Luensmann
"Sunoco" tugboat
Best of Show - Al Luensmann
Eileen - Phil Frisch - Captains' Choice and 2nd
Captains' Coice and 2nd Place
Kent Morgan             Kent Morgan - Speed boat
Kent Morgan - 3rd Place                                    Speed boat                          

 Thank you so much to the Boathouse in Forest Park, St. Louis for making this event possible and to the Boathouse Paddle Co.
Gerald Brown
Gerald Brown, Parks Director of
Watson Trail Park, Sunset Hills, MO
Joe - Sunset Hills
Joe, Employee,Watson Trail Park,
Sunset Hills, MO
Children enjoy running the boats
Learning about the details

       Richard Dully and son         R/C boats on lake                   Joe and son running their boat
James with their boats                                                                                                    

boats   boats 
             Two tugs including Al Luensmann's "Sunoco"       Canopies for shade & Phil & Kent enjoying R/C boating

Great Lake Freighter